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6 - Software Process

Learning Objectives:

The overall theme of this week’s lessons is software engineering processes: how do we organize our (non-programming) activities so that we can build some software project as efficiently as possible? The lessons will center on these three themes:

  • How do we organize our development activities?
  • How do we estimate how long a software project will take?
  • How do we build an effective team?

Important Dates:

Lecture Slides:


Additional Readings:

The following books provide additional depth on the topics in this week’s lessons:

For more reflections on software processes in the 1980’s, David Parnas’ article: “Software Aspects of Strategic Defense Systems”. For a discussion of various xDD approaches, see Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on What Drives Design?. Chuck Rossi’s 2014 Release Engineering Keynote includes some great discussion of Facebook’s mobile release process, now outdated, but quite interesting; there is a discussion of team structure around 18 minutes in. Sarah Mei’s 2018 Power of Agile talk provides a great discussion of embracing agile values that work for your team, while leaving behind toxic practices. Miscellaneous: Investigating the origins of the tire swing meme

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