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Project Status Update Due Tuesday Mar 28 2023, 11:00am EDT

The project status update should reflect on the progress that you have made thus far and outline the work that remains to be done on your project. The status update should address the following points:

  1. What have you accomplished? Include a link to the code that you have written so far.
  2. What challenges have you encountered?
  3. Are there any difficulties that are currently preventing you from making progress?
  4. What tasks do you still need to complete?
  5. Do you believe that your original proposal is still feasible? If no, what modifications to your original proposal would make it more feasible.

The project status update should be roughly 2-4 paragraphs long.

The project status update is due on March 28th at 11:00am, submitted via Canvas. If you are working in a group, please be sure to tag all of your group members in the submission form.

A good-faith, on-time attempt to answer the questions above is necessary to receive a “check” on the project overall.

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