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Revised Project Proposal Due Thursday Mar 2 2023, 11:00am EST

The project will involve a hands-on application of the techniques and tools that we discuss in class, and can be completed either individually or in a group of at most three. You can read more about the overall goals and structure for the project on the project writeup.

Using the feedback provided by the course staff on your preliminary proposal and informed by the project discussions that we have in class, revise your project proposal. You may make any revisions that you feel are necessary, up to an extreme of working on a totally different project (perhaps even in a different team). At the other extreme: if there are no changes whatsoever, then include a note stating so. The format for the revised project proposal is identical to the preliminary one.

The project proposal should explain, at a high level, the project that you have in mind. The proposal should address the following points:

  1. Describe the goals of your project: are you seeking to develop new functionality for an existing application, develop a greenfield application, or evaluate some existing system?
  2. What will be the concrete deliverables that you create?
  3. If there will be an evaluation aspect, what metrics will you capture?
  4. What technologies will you use?
  5. What are the major risks that you see in the project that you are proposing? Do you have contingency plans in case some key aspect of the project doesn’t work out?
  6. (If a team project): What are the high level roles and responsibilities of each team member? It is often helpful to have some notion of task ownership, rater than a “we are all responsible for everything”
  7. New compared to preliminary proposal: What are the high-level tasks that you will need to complete in order to accomplish this project? By when do you plan to accomplish each? Note that you will need to provide a status update on your project on Mar 28 - it may be wise to ensure that any particularly high-risk tasks are scheduled to be completed before the status update, such that we can use that checkpoint to discuss alternatives as needed.

The proposal should be roughly one to two pages long, although if you find it useful to include figures, or additional text, that is OK, too.

The revised project proposal is due on Mar 2 at 11:00am, submitted via Canvas.

A good-faith, on-time attempt to answer the questions above is necessary to receive a “check” on the project overall (the grading for the preliminary proposal is binary: either you have done it or you haven’t).

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