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Office Hours

All office hours will be held virtually.

Links to join the TA and instructor office hours are posted in Canvas.


Jonathan Bell

Section: CS4530 Section 4

Office Hours:

Adeel Bhutta

Section: CS4530 Sections 2 & 3

Office Hours:
  • In-Person: Monday 130-230pm, Meserve 337
  • Virtually: Thursday 130-230pm (by zoom)

Mitch Wand

Section: CS4530 Section 5

Office Hours:

Tues 11-12,

Teaching Assistants

Aishwarya Gopal Sharma

Bhupesh Digambar Patil

Ferran Sulaiman

Jayraj Rameshchandra Thakor

Pak Yan (Amy) Ying

Rumjhum Singru

Sanjana Dabbiru

Shashwat Rathod

Vaishnavi Rakeshbhai Shah

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