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React Activity - Todo Tracker

This activity is designed to give you practice with React. You will enhance the ToDo app that was discussed in lecture.


To get started, download the starter Code. Run the command npm install, and then npm run dev. The development server should start, and If you open your browser it will start running the app in app/page.tsx If your browser does not open up in the todo app, modify app/page.tsx to point to ./Apps/ToDoApp

In the ToDoApp, make the following three enhancements:

  1. Currently the “priority” field will accept any value. Modify it so that the priority must be a number. (Hint: NumberInput is your friend)
  2. Add a button that will sort the todo items by priority, lowest number first
  3. Add an entry field that will take a number and delete all the todo items with priorities greater than that number. (We are assuming that priority 1 means the thing that has to be done first.)

When you are done, submit your work as required by your instructor. This may vary from section to section.

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