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Students in CS4530 proposed, designed, and implemented new features for Covey.Town, which provides a virtual meeting space where different groups of people can have simultaneous video calls, allowing participants to drift between different conversations, just like in real life.

Some students have volunteered to have their projects publicly listed in this showcase. Each project poster includes a link to the repository on GitHub, and to the deployed demo site.

Group 2b: Individualized Group Chats

Demo Group 2b Poster

Group 2c: User Registration

Demo Group 2c Poster

Group 2d: Bulletin Board

Demo Group 2d Poster

Group 2e: Tic Taco Toe

Demo Group 2e Poster

Group 2h: Mini-Map

Demo Group 2h Poster

Group 2i: Localized Chat + DMs

Demo Group 2i Poster

Group 2j: Voting in Conversation Areas

Demo Group 2j Poster

Group 2k: Spotify Integration

Demo Group 2k Poster

Group 2l: Media in Conversation Areas

Demo Group 2l Poster

Group 2m: Viewing Areas

Demo Group 2m Poster

Group 2n: Private Conversation Areas

Demo Group 2n Poster

Group 2o: Proximity Quick Chat

Demo Group 2o Poster

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