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Dates Topics Notes
Jan 18-21 Course Overview
Design Principles
HW1 released
Jan 24-28 Knowledge Sharing/Documenting Designs
Design Patterns
HW1 due, HW2 released
Team Formation & Project Spec released
Jan 31-Feb 4 Requirements & Software Process
Agile & Team Dynamics
Feb 7-11 Async programming + REST
HW2 due
Team formation due 2/9, Project Pitch Released
Feb 14-18 Testing Intro, Unit Tests & Test Adequacy Measures / Testing Bigger Things Kickoff Team Meeting
HW3 released
Feb 21-25 UI Design & React Project Pitch Due, Project Plan Released
Feb 28-Mar 4 UI Testing, Pull Requests & Code Review HW3 due, HW4 released
Mar 7-11 Deployment Infrastructure
Continuous Development + DevOps
Project Plan due
Mar 14-18 Spring Break!  
Mar 21-25 SE for Distributed Systems
Static Analysis & Bug-Finders
HW 4 Due
Mar 28-Apr 1 Security
Team Meetings
Apr 4-8 Refactoring and Technical Debt
Team Meetings
Apr 11-15 Engineering Software for Equity
Team Meetings
Apr 18-22 Team Meetings + Demos  
Apr 25-27 Demos Final Project Report + Implementation Due
Apr 29, May 2 or May 4 Final exam (online).
The exam will be 2 hours, and we have scheduled 3 windows of 3 hours in which you may choose to take the exam: April 29 10am-1pm, May 2 4pm-7pm, May 4 6pm-9pm.

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