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Jonathan Bell

Section: CS4530 Section 1

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-2pm, Wednesday 9-10am

John Boyland

Section: CS5500 Section 1

Office Hours: Thursday 10am-noon (Teams)

Mitch Wand

Section: CS5500 Section 2

Office Hours: TBD

Teaching Assistants

Benjamin Schultze

Office Hours: Tuesday 3-5pm

Eiki Kan

Office Hours: Wednesday 4:35-6:35pm

Guneet Kaur

Office Hours: Friday 11am-1pm

Joseph Burns

Office Hours: Wednesday 12-2pm

Michael Davinroy

Office Hours: Tuesday 6-8pm

Sagar Madhu Ayi

Office Hours: Monday 1:30-3:30pm

Satyajit Gokhale

Yuting Gan

Office Hours: Monday 4:30-6:30pm

© 2021 Jonathan Bell, John Boyland and Mitch Wand. Released under the CC BY-SA license