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#1: Jan 19-22Course Overview
Design Principles
 HW1 Out
#2: Jan 25-29Knowledge sharing, documenting designs
Design Patterns
 Project Spec Out
#3: Feb 1-5Software Architecture
 HW1 Due
HW2 Out
Team Formation Out
#4: Feb 8-12Asynchronous Programming Team Formation Due
#5: Feb 15-19Introduction to Testing
Test Adequacy Measure
Testing Systems
 HW2 Due
HW3 Out, Project Pitch Out
#6: Feb 22-26Requirements + UI Design
 Project Pitch Due
Project Plan Out
#7: Mar 1-5Debugging
Pull Requests + Code Review
 HW3 Due
HW4 Out
#8: Mar 8-12Static Analysis + Bug-Finders
Technical Debt, Code Smells + Refactoring
 Project Plan Due
#9: Mar 15-19SE for Distributed Systems
SE for Security
 HW4 Due
#10: Mar 22-26Continuous Development, Integration
and Delivery
#11: Mar 29-Apr 2Engineering Equitable Software
Acceptance + Inclusivity Testing
#12: Apr 5-9SE Metrics
Team Productivity
#13: Apr 12-16Work on Projects Final Project Due
#14: Apr 19-23Final Exam
Wand: 4/22 6:00-8:00pm
Boyland: 4/23 1:20-3:20pm
Bell: 4/28 8:00-10:00am
 Prof Bell’s Review Section

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