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Information about Project Final Deliverables and Posters/Demos Now Available

Nov 21 · 0 min read

The final project deliverabes were published few weeks ago. These include details regarding submission of the final project (i.e., code/testing, report, posters and demos). Canvas assingments for these are now available too.

Each instructor has also provided detailed list of expectations for the final demos. Those can be viewed here.

Revised Project Plan and Team Project Repo Now Available

Oct 22 · 0 min read

The revised project plan is now available. Please note that there are several aspects of the assignment that have additional details compared to the preliminary plan: each condition of satisfaction must have a priority, and the work breakdown should be updated based upon your activities so far.

Please also find the instructions for creating your team project repo now available on the project overview page. Following these instructions, you will create a private repository on GitHub that will start out with the solution to the individual project.

Teams Posted, Preliminary Project Plan Due 10/12

Oct 5 · 0 min read

Team assignments are now available on piazza, and the first team deliverable, the preliminary project plan is now available as well.

Individual Project Milestone 2 Posted

Sep 23 · 0 min read

The second (and final!) individual project deliverable is now available. The deliverable is due by October 19th at 11am ET. Please note that the second half of the assignment will rely on content in Modules 7 and 8; we would not recommend getting started on the React part of this deliverable until after we’ve covered that content in lecture.

Initial Website Launched

Sep 6 · 1 min read

On behalf of the entire instructional team (all 3 instructors and 12 TAs), welcome to the Fall 2022 edition of CS 4530! This website will contain all of the lectures, assignments and tutorials for the class. Our Canvas site contains your gradebook as well as single-sign-on links to Piazza (for discussion), GradeScope (for submitting assignments) and replicates much of the material on the class website.

In advance of the first week of class, we’ve shared the calendars for each section, the first two lectures, and the first individual project deliverable. We are excited to meet you all this week!

Initial Website Launched

Aug 11 · 0 min read

Welcome to the course website for CS4530, Fall 2022! Over the coming weeks, we will be populating this website (and Canvas) with more information about the course.

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