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Information about Project Final Deliverables, and Posters/Demos

Mar 26 · 0 min read

Please don’t forget to review final project deliverables page published on course website. This include grading rubrics and other details related to the submission of the final project (i.e., code/testing, report, posters and demos). Canvas assignments for these are also published now.

In addition, each instructor has provided a list of expectations for the final demos / presentations. Please be sure to review these quickly.

Team Repository Setup Now Available

Feb 26 · 0 min read

We have posted the instructions for setting up your team repository. You can find them in the start of the CI/CD Pipeline Activity. Please note that setting up the deployment to Heroku requires creating an account and waiting for it to be manually validated by Heroku. We recommend that you start this process as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Software Development Process

Feb 14 · 1 min read

As part of software development process, each team is expected to use a structured development process, including pull requests, code reviews, etc. Each team will also submit sprint reports, individual surveys, and have weekly meetings with TA Mentor. The development process started last week (as you developed your project plan) and the required “process-related” submissions start this week.

Here are important submissions to remember for week 6, 8, 10-14:

  • Every week all members of a team are expected to meet with their mentor for a regularly scheduled meeting. Weekly Canvas assignments will help track your attendance for these meetings.
  • Every week each student is expected to complete one (Confidential, Peer Evaluation) Survey. The link can be found under the Canvas assignment which will help track if you completed the survey or not.
  • At the end of each sprint, each team will submit a sprint report (and retrospective) through a Canvas assignment.
  • TAs will also review your github commits, PRs, code reviews regularly and will keep an eye on appropriate division of labor within the project team. They will also provide you a weekly assessment of your work.

These assignments count towards “project process” part of the project which is worth 20% of the overall project grade.

Individual Project Deliverable 2 is Now Available + IP1 Regrade Requests + Project Teams Announced

Feb 6 · 1 min read

The second and (final!) individual project deliverable is now released, and will be due on Wednesday, Feb 21 at 11am ET. We strongly encourage you to read through the assignment soon, so that you can begin to formulate a plan of attack to complete this assignment.

To request a regrade on IP1, please fill out a request form. The link is available on Notes and Videos page on Canvas

Project Team Assignments are now posted on piazza. Please coordinate with your assigned TA Mentors to schedule a kick-off meeting. The first team deliverable will be the preliminary project plan due on Feb 14th

Team Formation Survey is Now Available

Jan 23 · 0 min read

Please complete this Team Formation Survey to help us organize you into a team for the term project. EVERY STUDENT must fill this form out by 11am on Wednesday 1/31/2024, or risk being placed in a random team.

Welcome to CS4530 - Spring 2024

Jan 8 · 1 min read

On behalf of the entire instructional team (all 3 instructors and 15 TAs), welcome to the Spring 2024 edition of CS 4530! This website will contain all of the lectures, assignments and tutorials for the class. Our Canvas site contains your gradebook as well as single-sign-on links to Piazza (for discussion), instructions for submitting assignments and replicates much of the material from the class website.

In advance of the first week of class, we’ve shared the calendars for each section, the first two lectures, and tutorials on installing your IDE, Typescript, and unit testing with Jest. The schedule of office hours is also posted and we will start holding office hours from Monday Jan 8th.

The first individual project deliverable is now available. This deliverable is due by January 24th at 11am ET. Your work will be submitted on which can be accessed through Please note the autograding script will impose a strict rate limit of 5 submissions per 24 hours. This limit exists to encourage you to start early on this assignment. Feel free to use piazza to ask questions and use office hours if you need help. We have 75 hours of scheduled TA office hours per week starting today.

We are excited to meet you all this week!

Initial Website Launched

Dec 18 · 0 min read

Welcome to the course website for CS4530, Spring 2024! Over the coming weeks, we will be populating this website (and Canvas) with more information about the course.

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