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Office Hours

All TA office hours will be held virtually. We will explore the option of holding in-person office hours too, subject to interest from students/TAs and availability of a room. Instructor office hours may be held in-person or remotely.

Links to join the TA and instructor office hours are posted in Canvas.

Note: When you join the office hours, it would help if you could post a brief summary of your query. Students in the main zoom {meeting} room are encouraged to communicate with each other. TAs will move you to the breakout room if they want to work with you one-on-one.


Adeel Bhutta

Section: CS4530 Sections 1, 2, 3 & 7

Office Hours:
  • In-Person: Monday and Thursday 130-230pm, Meserve 337
  • or by appointment

Jan Vitek

Section: CS4530 Sections 4 & 5

Office Hours:
  • At 7pm,

Mitch Wand

Section: CS4530 Section 6

Office Hours:
  • Tues 11-12,

Teaching Assistants

Aishwarya Gopal Sharma

Bhupesh Digambar Patil

Daniel Gilligan

Ellen Arteca

Harsh Hasmukh Parmar

Monil Hemang Diwan

Prajwal Mathad

Rajat Manish Bhagat

Revanth Kumar Vennu

Rohith Janardhan

Rumjhum Singru

Shubham Sonawane

Udit Sankhadasasriya

Vaishnavi Rakeshbhai Shah

Vineet Alampally

© 2023 Adeel Bhutta, Jan Vitek and Mitch Wand. Released under the CC BY-SA license